Our Story


Fox Hollow Vineyards is centrally located on 94 acres in Holmdel, NJ. It is owned and operated by the Casola Family, 6th generation farmers who decided to diversify into vineyards and wine making for future generations.

We pride ourselves on the cultivation of premium grapes. All hand tended and harvested, then skillfully crafted into our fine wines.


We are a true farm family, with different members of the family doing everything from planting, hoeing and mowing to pruning, thinning and operating all the necessary equipment involved in the grape processing.

What makes us stand out is our expertise in farming. Many winemakers are new to agriculture and find the art to viticulture escapes them.  Tony Casola is a lifelong, passionate farmer. His expertise allows superior growing, and knows how to get the best performance from our vines.

The quality of wine comes from spending a lot of time in the field with the grapes, this ensures that our grapes are premium grapes which will shine through when made into wine.

Our wine maker, Joe Casola, is a graduate of Surry Community College in Dobson, NC with a degree in Viticulture and Enology. He spent two years in class, laboratory, and field operations in the Yadkin Valley and work experience in several vineyards in that region.

Joe strives for every wine to be the best and employs the technique of allowing the grapes to really mature prior to harvest and let them show themselves what kind of wine they will be, to allow the grapes to be self- expressive, indicative of where they are grown

He believes in minimal interference in the processing of our grapes into wine and lets them express the characteristics from our area, allowing them to tell him what type of wine they will be.

Joe likes to create wines that are drinkable and have a purpose – wines that work well in pairings and can also stand alone.


Joe has now been making our wines for 6 years, with the first vintage of Cabernet Franc he won the prestigious Governor’s Cup in 2017 for the best red wine and best overall wine in the state of New Jersey. He Again won the coveted Governor’s Cup in 2018 for the best vinifera white grape wine with the 2015 Autumn Harvest. His wines have accumulated many medals and accolades in various competitions such as The Grand Harvest Competition, East meets West Competition, Finger Lakes International Wine Challenge, International Eastern Wine Competition, Garden State Wine Competition, and the New Jersey State Wine Competition to name a few.

Our goal is to show people that high-quality wines can be made from grapes grown in our area of NJ, and to create a reputation that our area of NJ produces good wines, ones that people will enjoy and remember.