Wheels for Amar'e

     Wheels For Amar'e
Amar'e is a beautiful 5 year old boy who suffered a stroke in utero/at birth. This caused him to spend much of his early years in and out of the hospital. Amar'e is in a wheelchair and cannot walk or communicate verbally. He is medically fragile and also suffers from a seizure disorder. He desperately needs to have special therapy so that he can continue to progress. He is also prone to pneumonia and lack of movement contributes to this.

You might recognize his mom, Melissa, by her cheery smile and hearty laugh if you are a customer at Fox Hollow Vineyards or A. Casola Farms in Holmdel, NJ. A hard worker and well liked by her colleagues, Melissa brightens everyone's day. But that smile, along with her pride, belie the struggles that she faces as a working single mom to not only a multiply handicapped child but to twin 12 year old boys (who are busy with school, sports and boy scouts). On top of work, children and extra care for Amar'e, Melissa does not get much sleep because she has to keep watch over her son during the night. Yet she never complains nor asks for help.

Melissa has a very deep faith and is a devoted mother. She has fought tirelessly to get Amar'e into a program where his needs could be met. That finally happened in September of 2019. Amar'e was just learning to walk with the aid of a walker when COVID struck. His school closed, therapy ended, and most progress was lost. 

Melissa desperately needs transportation for Amar'e along with a new wheelchair so that he can get the help he needs. Amar'e is growing so fast and she can no longer lift him.  A mini van with sliding doors would make their life so much easier. It would enable Melissa to get Amar'e into a vehicle along with room for his wheelchair and brothers. She can then get him to therapy, doctor visits, and school with out having to struggle with transportation arrangements.

So please- in these trying times-lets join together, along with Fox Hollow Vineyards and A Casola Farms, for a great cause in helping to make life a little easier for a beautiful little boy and his mom. 

All funds will go to the purchase of a new minivan, wheelchair, and hopefully a certified aid several nights a weeks so Amar'e can get the care he deserves and Melissa can rest a bit easier knowing their is hope for her son.

A day of Music @ FHV 


Please join us along with The Funktion band & Glenn Roth Sunday October 18th to raise money for Melissa, Amar'e and their family. There will be a $5 admission fee to the winery starting all day. 100% admission money will go to help this family in need. 

We will be accepting donations that day as well or you can visit Wheels for Amar'e GoFund me by clicking the link below.